The lecture discusses the situation of Jews in North Africa during WWII: the Nazi occupation of Libya, the concentration camps in the Sahara desert, and the deportation of Jews from the heat of the desert to the frozen concentration camps in Europe. It will also explore the relationship between Arabs and Jews in Libya under the Nazi occupation.


Yossi Sucary (Author)

Yossi Sucary is an Israeli author who writes in a universal perspective about issues of identity and place. His books deal with metaphysical questions as well as with socio-political question of Oriental Jews in Israel and world-wide. Sucary is the recipient of the Brenner Prize for Hebrew Literature, Prime Minister Prize for Hebrew Literature, and The Washington Israeli Institute Prize. His latest book, Bengazi – Bergen-Belsen, tells the story of the “Shoah” of Oriental Jewry, was chosen by the Ministry of Education to be part of the holocaust studies for high-schools in Israel.

Moderator: David N. Myers (UCLA)

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