Joshua Abarbanel, Golem, 2016. Stained wood, fiberglass, and metal chain; 90" x 90" x 18". © Jewish Museum Berlin, Photo: Yves Sucksdorff

The UCLA Alan D. Leve Center for Jewish Studies (Leve Center) and the UCLA Initiative to Study Hate (ISH), with the support of the Anthony and Jeanne Pritzker Family Foundation, is pleased to announce The Research Hub on Antisemitism, a dynamic collective poised to evaluate the rising tide of antisemitism nationally and internationally.  The Hub is pleased to announce two initial endeavors:  a Postdoctoral Scholar position in the study of antisemitism, designed for a scholar who understands antisemitism within broad historical and political contexts and is open to exploring its connection to other forms of group-based hate.  We are also pleased to announce a call for research proposals from within the UCLA community, in any discipline, that engage with the past or present of antisemitism. UCLA faculty, research staff, and students (graduate and undergraduate) are welcome to apply, and collaborative projects are encouraged.  The Postdoctoral Scholar and successful grantees will build bridges between the vibrant communities of the Leve Center and ISH.

Read more about the creation of The Research Hub on Antisemitism.

“Professors Myers and Stein are visionary scholars who can build community and translate the Research Hub’s important goals into real-world action,” said Alexandra Minna Stern, dean of humanities. “The combined forces of their leadership and these three important entities will allow us to better understand how hate takes rise, is spread and becomes lethal — so that it can be more successfully diminished and prevented.”

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Postdoctoral Research Fellows

Dr. Kathryn Huether (2024-2026)

Kathryn Agnes Huether received her PhD in Ethnomusicology/Musicology from the University of Minnesota in 2021 and holds a master’s degree in religious studies/Jewish studies from the University of Colorado. She has held visiting appointments at Vanderbilt University and Bowdoin College and was the 2021-2022 United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Jack, Joseph, and Morton Mandel Center for Advanced Holocaust Research and American University’s Postdoctoral Fellow. A classically trained violinist (she studied with Angella Ahn of the Ahn Trio) and vocalist, Huether continues to seek out performance opportunities and enjoys folk, klezmer, and blue grass. 

Her primary areas of research consider how music—or more broadly sound—mediates modes of contemporary understanding regarding history, memory, discrimination, and trauma with particular emphasis on Holocaust Memory and African American Slavery. 

While at UCLA, Huether is researching the roles that sound plays in antisemitic virality on social media, in addition to completing her first book project, Sounding Trauma, Mediating Memory: Holocaust Economy and the Politics of Sound, about sound usage within contemporary Holocaust memory. This dynamic project draws on memory studies and trauma theory, as well as Musicology, to add a sonic dimension to our understanding of the complex political economy of the Holocaust.

Dr. Naomi Taub (2023-2025)

The Leve Center welcomes Dr. Naomi Taub as a postdoctoral scholar affiliated with the UCLA Research Hub on Antisemitism. Taub recently received a Ph.D. in English with certificates in Jewish Studies and Holocaust, Genocide, and Memory Studies and Society from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Taub’s scholarship juxtaposes post-1948 fiction from the United States, South Africa, Israel, and Britain to demonstrate how contemporary Jewish literature de-and re-constructs identity through a constellation of multi-layered encounters that transcend national boundaries, revealing crucial connections between liberal internationalism, post/coloniality, and transhistorical fantasies of whiteness in the post-WWII Jewish Anglosphere. Taub’s position is supported by the UCLA Alan D. Leve Endowment for Research Innovation housed at the Leve Center.

Research Projects 2024-2025

Faculty Projects

Name of PI and department: Eleanor Kaufman, Comparative Literature (home), English, and ELTS
Names of other researchers and departments: N/A
Project Title: Early 20th Century Antisemitism in the American Southwest

Name of PI and department: Jaimie Krems, Psychology
Names of other researchers and departments: Daniel Sznycer (Psychology, Oklahoma State University), David Pinsof (Psychology, UCLA)
Project Title: Tests of an Engineering Perspective of Hatred toward Jews

Name of PI and department: Aliza Luft, Sociology
Names of other researchers and departments: N/A
Project Title: Sacred Treason: Race, Religion, and The Holocaust in France

Graduate Student Projects

Name of PI and department: Seul Lee, Information Studies
Names of other researchers and departments: N/A
Project Title: Exploring the Impact of Social Media on Antisemitism: Students’ Perspectives, Experiences, and Outcomes

Name of PI and department: Marianna Petiaskina, Department of Slavic, East European, & Eurasian Languages & Cultures
Names of other researchers and departments: Igor Pilshchikov, Professor, Department of Slavic, East European, & Eurasian Languages & Cultures
Project Title: Enforced Enlightenment as a Strategy for De-Judaization: Baltic Jews in the Russian Empire under Nicholas I

Name of PI and department: Je Hoon Chae, Department of Communication
Names of other researchers and departments: Tim Groeling, Professor, Department of Communication
Project Title: Reducing Anti-Semitic Misperception and Attitudes Through Trust-Enhanced Fact Checks

Name of PI and department: Joshua Goetz, Political Science
Names of other researchers and departments: N/A
Project Title: Effect of the Israel-Palestine Conflict: Antisemitism and Islamophobia in the United States

Undergraduate Student Projects

Name of PI and department: Yarin Hagay Nevel, Psychology and Ayesha Syed, Psychology
Name of other researchers and departments: Cecelia Fischer, Undergraduate Student, History, Near Eastern Languages and Cultures (Arabic)
Project Title: Stress, Anti Semitic Posts, and Linked Fate