2021 Fall Jewish Studies Schedule of Classes

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UCLA Near Eastern Languages & Cultures
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Fall 2021

Ancient Near East 12W
Jerusalem: Holy City
Instructor: Smoak, J.D.
Lec: TR (12:30pm-1:45pm) Bunche 2209A

Ancient Near East 230
Ancient Syria/Palestine
Instructor: Burke, A.A.
Lec: M (3:30pm-6:20pm) Kaplan Hall A46

clusters 48A
Political Violence in Modern World:
Causes, Cases, and Consequences
Instructors: Brozgal, L. / Mcbride, J. / Rothberg, M.P. / Sengul, R.
Lec: TR (2pm-3:15pm) De Neve Plaza Commons Building P350

Ethnomusicology 91N
World Music Performance Organizations:
Music of Near East
Instructor: Staff
Lec: R (7:00pm-9:50pm) Schoenberg 1325

Ethnomusicology 91Z
World Music Performance Organizations:
Open Ensemble: Klezmer Music Ensemble
Instructor: Black, L
Lec: W (6:00pm-8:50pm) Schoenberg 1440

German 103
German Film in Cultural Context: Early German Film
Instructor: Michell, K.B.
Lec: W (2pm-4:50pm) Royce 154
German 110
Special Topics in Modern Literature and Culture:
Inheriting Past: History, Memory, Family
Instructor: Yildiz, Y.
Lec: R (12pm-2:50pm) Haines A44

Hebrew 1A
Elementary Hebrew
Instructor: Staff
Lec: MTWRF (10:00am-10:50am) Bunche 2156

Hebrew 102A
Intermediate Hebrew
Instructor: Staff
Lec: MTWRF (9:00am-9:50am) Bunche 2156

Hebrew 110A
Introduction to Biblical Hebrew:
Phonology, Morphology, and Structure of Biblical Hebrew
Instructor: Smoak, J.D.
Lec: TR (2pm-3:15pm) Haines A20

Hebrew 188FL
Special Studies: Readings in Hebrew
Instructor: Smoak, J.D.
Sem: T (3:30pm-4:50pm) Haines A74

Hebrew 230
Rabbinic Hebrew Literature
Instructor: Bakhos, C.A.
Sem: T (2pm-3:50pm) Kaplan A56

History 184B
History of Anti-Semitism
Instructor: Staff
Lec: MWF (3pm-3:50pm) Public Affairs 1337

History 191C
Capstone Seminar: History-Europe:
World War II, Vichy France, and German Occupation
Instructor: Ford, C.C.
Sem: R (2pm-4:50pm) Dodd 178

Jewish Studies M10
Introduction to Judaism
Instructor: Birnbaum, S.H.
Lec: TR (2pm-3:15pm) Royce Hall 156

Jewish Studies 162
Israel Seen through Its Literature
Instructor: Pack, E.R.
Lec: TR (12:30pm-1:45pm) Kaplan Hall 348

Mid East 1Studies M50A
First Civilizations
Instructor: Burke, A.A.
Lec: MW (9:30am-10:45am) Rolfe 1200

Yiddish 101A
Elementary Yiddish
Instructor: Koral, M.R.
Lec: TR (10:00am-11:50am) Haines 110