Wartime North Africa: A Documentary History, 1934–1950 (Sarah A. Stein & Aomar Boum)

Sarah Abrevaya Stein (UCLA) & Aomar Boum (UCLA) Wartime North Africa: A Documentary History, 1934–1950  The 1939 Society Program in Holocaust Studies  This book, the first-ever collection of primary documents on North African history and the Holocaust, gives voice to the diversity of those involved—Muslims, Christians, and Jews; women, men, and children; black, brown, and […]

How the Soviet Jew Was Made – Sasha Senderovich (Cosponsored Event)

In this presentation, Sasha Senderovich will discuss his new book, How the Soviet Jew Was Made, published by Harvard University Press in 2022. In the book, Senderovich offers a close reading of postrevolutionary Russian and Yiddish literature and film that recast the Soviet Jew as a novel cultural figure: not just a minority but an ambivalent character […]