David Hirsch

Jewish and Middle Eastern Studies Librarian, YRL and Adjunct Assistant Professor, NELC.

David Hirsch has been the Librarian for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies at UCLA since 1989 and also serves as an adjunct professor in the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures. He has lived traveled, studied, and worked in the Arab World, recently as an advisor to the National Library of Abu Dhabi.

Lev Hakak

Professor of Hebrew Language and Literature

Lev Hakak is a Professor of Hebrew Language and Literature at UCLA, since 1974. He published eight books and numerous articles in the field of Modern Hebrew Literature. Some of his publications focus on the literature of and about Sephardi and Near Eastern Jews.

Jessica Goldberg

Associate Professor of History

Professor Jessica Goldberg studies the medieval history of the Mediterranean basin, Christian Europe, and the Islamic world, specializing in economic and legal institutions and culture.

Saul Friedländer

Distinguished Emeritus Professor of History

Born in Prague, Saul Friedländer spent his boyhood in Nazi-occupied France. He is a professor of history at UCLA, and has written numerous books on Nazi Germany and World War II.

Nancy Ezer

Lecturer in Hebrew

Nancy Ezer is a scholar, critic of Hebrew literature, author, and instructor of Hebrew in the Department of Near Eastern Languages.

Ellen C. Dubois

Professor of History

Dubois's research interests include history of U.S. women with a focus on political history, history of the woman suffrage movement in the United States, and history of American feminism. Her work as a historian focuses on the history of political feminism, especially the struggle for the vote.

Aaron A. Burke

Associate Professor of Near Eastern Archaeology

Aaron Burke's interests and publications range from studies of warfare in the ancient Near East, to Egyptian imperialism in Canaan, historical biblical archaeology, and Amorite society and economy during the second millennium BC.

Lia Brozgal

Associate Professor of French and Francophone Studies

Lia Brozgal earned a BA in French from Chatham College and an AM and PhD--both in Romance Languages and Literatures--from Harvard University. Before joining the faculty at UCLA in 2008, she was an appointed lecturer in History and Literature at Harvard University.