Presner_jacket (3)HyperCities: Thick Mapping in the Digital Humanities

Todd Presner (UCLA)

David Shepard (UCLA)

Yoh Kawano (UCLA)

Faculty/Student Book Launch Series

HyperCities: Thick Mapping in the Digital Humanities by Todd Presner, David Shepard and Yoh Kawano describes the ethics of mapping the past and present. The authors examine the time-layers of Jewish Berlin, the media archaeology of Google Earth, the cultural-historical meaning of map projections, and explore recent events-such as the “Arab Spring” and the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster-through social media mapping that incorporates data visualizations, photographic documents, and Twitter streams. Website:



Graphesis: Visual Forms of Knowledge Production

Johanna Drucker (UCLA)

The computers and smart phones that constantly flood us with images do more than simply convey information. They structure our relationship to information through graphical formats. Drucker argues that learning to interpret how visual forms not only present but produce knowledge is now an essential skill.

Fusing digital humanities with media studies and graphic design history, Graphesis provides a descriptive critical language for the analysis of graphical knowledge. Drucker outlines the principles by which visual formats organize meaningful content. Among the most significant of these formats is the graphical user interface (GUI)-the dominant feature of the screens of nearly all consumer electronic devices.

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