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The Pope at War: The Continuing Controversy over the Silence of Pope Pius XII during the Shoah

Pope Pius XII’s decision not to speak out against the German attempt to exterminate the Jews of Europe has long generated bitter controversy.  The opening of the Vatican archives for his papacy in 2020 permits new insight into the reasons why the pope acted as he did. Focusing on the pope’s actions in October 1943 […]

By David Wu |

A Jewish Childhood in the Muslim Mediterranean – Lia Brozgal (UCLA) & Rebecca Glasberg (Stanford)

A Jewish Childhood in the Muslim Mediterranean brings together the fascinating personal stories of Jewish writers, scholars, and intellectuals who came of age in lands where Islam was the dominant religion and everyday life was infused with the politics of the French imperial project. Prompted by novelist Leïla Sebbar to reflect on their childhoods, these […]

By David Wu |